The Brow Lift

Its purpose

The brow lift is often effective for correcting sagging eyebrows and forehead skin. At the same time it may be used in partnership with Botulinum Toxin to help to reduce forehead lines and the vertical ‘frown lines’ that form above the nose.

What happens

These days, a brow lift is often performed using a telescope (endoscopic approach) in preference to a long scalp incision. The endoscopic approach may be equally successful and involves minimal surgical intrusion – just three to five small incisions hidden within the hair line. This obviously varies between men and women none the least because of male pattern baldness and the possibility of exposed incisions.

The exact positioning of your brow is a very personal matter, and is also much influenced by gender and ethnic differences. We will support your decision with the most up to date practices and a depth of experience.

Using general anaesthetic, your operation will take in the order of 60 minutes.


As with any surgery, there may be some mild discomfort immediately afterwards. We will provide the painkillers you need to be as comfortable as possible. If the endoscopic method is used there will be less swelling and less visible scarring.

An overnight stay in hospital will be needed after your operation, and we recommend that you take a week off work to rest and recover properly.