Ear Correction

Its purpose

Having prominent ears can make you self-conscious and lacking in confidence. People often feel that their ears are too large, and unfolded ear cartilage tends to make the ear stick out. Sometimes it’s the ear lobes themselves – they can be oversized and quite floppy. These problems are all readily resolved with sculpturing and buried stitches.

If you have a split your ear lobe, or have stretched your ear piercing this may corrected by a complex local flap using plastic surgical techniques.

What happens

With ear correction surgery, our patients are often children, and so we use a general anaesthetic to optimise their experience.

With adult patients, a local anaesthetic can be used. Afterwards, a small headband type bandage is worn for a few days, and all stitching is of the dissolving type. There is very little discomfort associated with these procedures.


In the six weeks following your operation, it’s a good idea to wear a protective headband at night, to prevent the ear folding over during sleep. The same applies to children playing or adult sports.

Incisions are discreetly placed behind the ear and normally settle down without problems although occasionally keloid scars have been noted.