Hand Surgery

Broadly speaking Plastic Surgical Hand surgery may be considered in two groups: acute –emergency surgery or elective-arranged surgery.

Acute Hand Surgery: includes the repair of soft tissue wounds, burn management, abscess drainage, foreign body removal, fracture management, tendon-nerve-blood vessel repair. In the UK, with prior approval from your Private Health Insurer, we are able to treat these injuries under this cover or alternatively on a self-funding basis.

Elective Hand Surgery: constitutes the bulk of our hand surgery activity and commonly includes Carpal Tunnel Decompression, Dupuytrens Contracture Release, Trigger Finger-De Quervains Tendon Sheath Release, Tendon Grafting, Ligament Repair, Finger Joint Stabilisation-Fusion- Replacement, Tumour or Ganglion Removal.

In summary, we have developed a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill in the complex field of hand surgery.

Working closely with hand therapists and other professionals, our aims are clear: to restore function and wherever possible, to enhance appearance as well.