Labial Reduction

Its purpose

The labia minora (inner vaginal folds) can change with the passing of time or after childbirth and become large, prominent and low slung.

Some women find that these changes have an impact on their confidence or are physically uncomfortable. We reduce the labia minora with surgery and achieve the appearance that you require, at the same time as minimising any discomfort.

What happens

We will usually perform your surgery using general anaesthetic, but a local anaesthetic can also be an option. The exact procedure will of course depend on your individual characteristics and requirements, and will take 45 to 90 minutes.


You will experience some discomfort for several days after the operation and there will be swelling for some weeks. We would recommend that you apply antibiotic ointment frequently and – unsurprisingly – avoid sexual intercourse for up to six weeks. In the first four weeks wearing tight underwear and jeans is not helpful. Early rest is important as it will mean that you will soon feel comfortable and back to normal.