Its purpose

We all have a natural tendency to accumulate fat in some areas of our bodies, and sometimes it cannot be removed purely through exercise or diet. Liposuction is the most common body contouring procedure, and an effective way of removing unwanted fat deposits and bulges.

In contrast, where there are unwanted body contour depressions liposculpture by fat transfer will often restore a smooth figure for the patient.

What happens

Your operation will be performed under general anaesthetic, and involves one or more tiny incisions depending on the size of the area being treated.

A special liposuction machine and hand piece as well as a slender suction tube are then used to carefully remove the unwanted fatty deposits. The procedure normally takes around one to two hours.


It’s perfectly normal for post-operative swelling to take several weeks to subside after liposuction. You will probably have some bruising and discomfort for a week or so. During this time it’s advisable to wear a pressure garment to minimise swelling, optimise comfort and to speed up recovery. We will of course make sure you have effective painkillers to help with any post-operative pain.