The Nose Job

Its purpose

Lots of people feel self-conscious about their nose, whether because of an inherently unusual shape, or because of injury. Having rhinoplasty – the well-known ‘nose job’ - can really help boost your self-confidence and self-image.

What happens

The exact procedure that you have will depend on your personal goals and the nature of what needs to be done. We can reshape your nose to make it smaller and to give a subtlety curved or straight profile, your nostrils can be sculpted, bumps can be removed or the tip can be altered.

Some ethnic groups wish for a longer more European looking nose and this may be achieved by special techniques.

Where there are problems with breathing due to a crooked wall (nasal septum) between the nasal airways a Septoplasty is performed to straighten then septum, unblock to the nose and to restore breathing.

Your operation will take place under general anaesthetic and you may wish to stay in hospital overnight afterwards. The rhinoplasty may be performed by the "open" approach which involves a tiny incision hidden at the base of the columellar and in the nostrils. This technique allows a precise result by providing optimal exposure of the nasal anatomy.

Your surgeon will carefully fit a splint to your nose after the procedure to maintain its new shape, and this should be worn for about a week. It is unusual for internal nasal packing to be used.


Naturally there will be some bruising and swelling but this will heal quite quickly and discomfort can be treated with appropriate painkillers. You should take about one week off work and have plenty of rest. All strenuous activity should be avoided for a few weeks, as should any situation that could result in a knock to your nose! Successful rhinoplasty will give you the shape and size of nose that you really want, with minimal scarring.