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Patient Journey

Your appointment and consultation

If you wish to book an appointment please telephone or email our friendly reception staff to book an appointment. We will ensure that the consultation is arranged as soon as possible as we appreciate your visit and it is not constructive to have a long wait to be seen.

Often you will have two pre-operative consultations: the first at least of 30 minutes duration to professionally assess your query and to advise impartially as to whether surgery is worth your while. When cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is being considered we will review ‘before and after’ photographs of reasonable examples of our work and when indicated show you samples of relevant breast or other implants.

We will also discuss the technical aspects of your surgery as well as the significant potential anaesthetic, local cosmetic and non-cosmetic complications.

After your visit our Practice Manager will review your anticipated cost of treatment, the available dates and where appropriate, book your surgery.

Assessment and admission

Before your surgery, you will receive pre-admission checks and advice: on your medicines, when not to eat pre operatively and what to bring into hospital. If you have allergies, special requirements or a specific medical condition you will be seen at a pre admission clinic to fully prepare you for a safe visit.

On the day itself, you will receive a warm welcome from your Consultant Surgeon and Anaesthetist and from the Hospital Staff.

In many instances Plastic Surgeons will do pre-operative skin markings which provide guidelines for to follow in the Operating Theatre.

If you are feeling at all anxious we will administer pre-medication tablets and place anaesthetic EMLA cream on the IV insertion site.


Once your procedure is completed, we phone your relatives and check on you in the Recovery Room and then back on the ward.

Post-operative care really starts in the recovery suite with a period of observation. Once you have woken up, you will be treated for any discomfort or nausea, although the latest anaesthetics are generally less likely to cause nausea symptoms.

Next you’ll go to the main ward, where a dedicated nurse will ensure you are comfortable and get you something to eat or drink.

Where relevant, intra operative photos of the result achieved “on table” are shown to you afterwards so that you may see an early result and know that all has gone well.

People who have had a local anaesthetic can usually return home almost immediately, but naturally if you’ve had a general anaesthetic you’ll need to stay for a few hours or overnight in some cases.

Your surgeon and anaesthetist visit you daily until you’re ready to go home. Any dressings will be checked or replaced before you leave and you’ll also be given suitable painkillers, a discharge letter and emergency contact numbers for peace of mind.

Longer term

An expert outpatient nurse and/or your consultant will conduct post-operative reviews weekly at first. Your surgeon will see you after six weeks, and then again after six months. You are welcome to arrange further appointments beyond this date if needed.