I was recommended to Mark Gittos by my GP who said he was an excellent surgeon. A month before my surgery date I found a lump in my breast and was referred by my GP to a breast cancer specialist. They carried out an ultrasound and told me it was an innocent lump and nothing to worry about, so I continued with my planned surgery to have a mastopexy / reduction & TT with Mark.

However in my pre-op appointment Mark said he couldn't go ahead with my planned surgery until I had a biopsy to confirm exactly what the lump was. This was a decision that saved my life.

The results confirmed it was cancer and one week later I was in surgery having it removed. A very different surgery to what I initially planned. After six weeks of tests and MRI scans I found out that I was extremely lucky because it was caught so early. With cancer the longer it’s in your body and growing the more chance you have of needing a mastectomy, chemotherapy or even dying.

Mark saved my life that day and saved me from having to face a gruelling six months of chemotherapy. I now have faith that when I do have my surgery with Mark, that I am in good hands. Mark puts your health and safety above money, which many plastic surgeons don't.