Our team bring extremely high standards of care and expertise to their work, covering the full range of breast procedures.

Whether undergoing breast enlargement, reduction or uplift, our surgeons take pride in ensuring a perfect outcome.

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Our surgeons help to boost your self-confidence and foster a positive body image through a range of treatments.

Liposuction and post-weight loss surgery are two popular examples of procedures that have real and positive effects on people’s mental wellbeing, and our team are confident that their results will be truly life-changing.

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Many people elect to undergo facial cosmetic treatments to unlock the ‘real them’.

At London Plastic Surgeons, we really help that personality shine through with the very highest standard of facial surgery, encompassing facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and more.

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We understand the importance of having clear skin; London Plastic Surgeons can restore the confidence you may have lost through scar tissue, moles or cysts using any number of minor or major surgeries, laser corrections or steroid treatments.

The team are also fully qualified to remove skin cancers, utilising a variety of different treatments according to the patient’s needs.

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London Plastic Surgeons covers both areas of hand surgery – both acute and elective; covering emergencies such as foreign body removal or fracture management, right the way through to non-emergency work such as carpal tunnel decompression.

We work closely with hand specialists to restore function and, where possible, enhance appearance.

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London Plastic Surgeons is a select team of specialists led by the renowned and highly respected Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Gittos. Our mission is simple and uncompromising: to ensure that every patient receives straightforward, impartial and professional advice, and where appropriate, the very best Plastic Surgical treatment.

With such a depth of experience and wealth of experts to choose from, you can rest assured that the specialist who YOU select to treat you will be exactly the right one for you, wherever you live in the world.

At each stage you will experience friendly support and the kind of care that can really enhance your recovery. For us, providing plastic surgery is more than technical excellence: it’s about delivering a truly personal service and inspiring complete trust and confidence.